PCI Bus and ISA Bus Pentium MMX Mainboard

With Ultra DMA/33 PCI IDE & Multi I/0



TXpro (Acer) PCIset chipset
Based on Winstone/Winbench tests, this chipset scores about 10% faster then Intel's 430TX Chipset!!

Click here for PCChips Web Page Spec for M560
Supports Intel Pentium P54C/Pentium MMX CPU 75 ~ 233 MHz processors
Supports Cyrix 6x86,6x86L 120-200+, 6x86MX 166-233Mhz, AMD K6 166-233/K5 75-166 MHz, IDT C6
DUAL Voltage switching regulator built in with voltage range from 2.5V to 3.5V (2.5/2.8/2.9/3.2/3.3/3.5V)
60/66/75/83 MHz CPU BUS speed with PCI clock divider of 2 and 2.5 to meet the PCI spec.
Support Write Allocation feature for AMD K6; Linear Burst Mode for Cyrix M1, M2.


4 PCI Local Bus slots and 4 16 bits ISA Bus slots
All 4 PCI slots support Master mode
PCI 2.1 Compliant

Cache Memory

512K pipeline burst SRAM on board

System Memory

1. Four 72-pin SIMM sockets and Two 168-pin DIMM sockets for upto 384MB Memory
2. Supports Both Fast Page Mode (FPM) and EDO mode DRAMs For The SIMMs
3. Supports SDRAM/EDO DRAM/Page Mode DRAM use 168-pin DIMM X 2
4. Support Error Checking & Correction (ECC) and Parity for DRAM


2 PCI IDE interface on board support ATA spec. up to PIO mode 4 and Ultra DMA/33 for upto 33MB/s .
Support two 16550 compatible enhanced serial port, Floppy disk interface and EPP/ECP high performance parallel port function, Support the Universal Serial Bus (U.S.B).
PS/2 Mouse port

System BIOS

AMI Geend BIOS with Plug and Play Flash ROM
Support ACPI to meet PC97 Spec

Physical size

Baby AT Form Factor. 8.5"(W) x 10.5" (L)


One Year

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